• Mountain Biking Engineer Mountain

    Wildflowers in bloom at the base of Engineer Mountain

  • Views at Sand Canyon

    The ruins you'll see on the Sand Canyon trail in Cortez

  • Climbing Animas City Mountain

    Views of the river valley from high atop Animas City Mountain trail

  • The Elbow at Phils World

    One of the many great sections at Phils World

  • Hermosa Creek near Purgatory Ski Resort

    Riding creek side at Hermosa Creek

  • Treasure Mountain near Wolf Creek Ski Area

    The thick forests of Treasure Mountain

  • Twin Buttes Trail Durango

    The Cliffrock section of the Twin Buttes loop

  • Overend Mountain Park aka Test Track

    Ella Vita trail at Overend Mountain Park

  • Kennebec Pass

    View from High Point Kennebec Pass section of the Colorado Trail

  • Carbon Junction

    Climbing the Carbon Junction section of Horse Gulch

  • Dry Fork loop

    Peak fall on the Dry Fork loop

  • Singletrack at Alien Run

    Well groomed singletrack at Alien Run in Aztec

  • Log Chutes

    Riding past the old corral on the Log Chutes loop

  • Dalla Mountain

    The Bouldering section of Dalla Mountain Park


TrailHead Trail Guide

$15.95 TrailHead: Durango Area Mountain Bike Trail Guide 2nd Edition

  • Ride like the locals! TrailHead is Durango's user friendly mountain bike trail guide. The second edition, released in 2013 features sixteen of the area's top trail system maps and offers tons of possible rides, or we show you our favorite ride in each trail system. Beginner through advanced riding, paired with detailed descriptions, make for confident way finding. Just show up and ride!


    • Favorite ride on each trail system
    • Rating system and elevation profiles
    • Rides for all skill levels
    • Only the top rides in Durango and the surrounding area
    • Trail friendly size

    Take the guess work out of exploring Durango's epic trails with this great introduction to the area's best! Includes local favorites like Horse Gulch, Hermosa Creek, Overend Mountain Park, Twin Buttes, and other area rides like Phils World in Cortez, Alien Run in Aztec, Treasure Mountain in Pagosa Springs, and many more.





Kennebec Pass

Slide Rock

This ride descends from below Kennebec pass at around 10,300ft to Durango's 6,900ft Junction Creek trailhead. This epic ride is the last section of the Colorado Trail system, spanning 500 miles from Denver to Durango. The trail boasts amazing views, a ride along Junction Creek, and a 100ft waterfall. Even with this huge descent, it's not all fun and games. There is a four mile climb thrown into the mix before you reach the halfway point. This is some of the most scenic singletrack in the area. Get an early start and know your limits, this is a long demanding trail. The length on this one turns this into a more advanced ride. Check a local bike shop for current weather and snow conditions.

Twin Buttes

Twin Buttes

The Twin Buttes trail is Durango's newest trail system. It consists of two loops, a long and a short. Both loops start from the same point. The short loop is less than five miles and cuts across the front of the two buttes. The longer loop is closer to nine and a half miles and runs around the back of the buttes. The longer loop boasts better views, a bit more climbing and healthier helping of swooping downhill sections. This is a great intermediate ride. There is a couple long climbing sections, so bring your stamina along. This is a great trail system that's close to town.

Phil's World

Phils World

This trail is a local favorite, especially when the snow is falling further north. Lots of sunshine and a high desert landscape provide little shade in the summer months, so bring plenty of water. Our map for Phils World is broken down into a north and a south section to provide more detail. The south section will hit the most popular sections including the infamous Ribcage! The northern section is a great way to extend your ride when you just can't get enough of this awesome singletrack. There's enough here for all skill levels. Gradual climbs take you up to where the views are, and lots of gradual rolling descents take you quickly back down. It's hard to keep that grin off your face on these trails.

Engineer Mountain

Pass Creek Engineer Mountain

This high country trail takes you right up to the meadows at the base of Engineer Mountain at around 11,700 ft. Packed with great technical climbing, amazing views of Engineer Mountain and seasonal wildflower meadows. This is one of our favorite high country rides. It starts out with a long technical climb and ends with some of the best descending in the area. If you're looking for an easy shuttle, jaw dropping views and a just plain excellent ride this is it. Check with a local bike shop for current weather and snow conditions.

Overend Mountain Park

Test Track

Just a few minutes from downtown Durango is one of the most well maintained trail systems in the area. The popular park is named after local legend Ned Overend. Filled with banking turns and man made dirt jumps this system ranks high on the grin scale! Most of the trail system is super smooth and beginner friendly. The ride offers great views of the city of Durango as well. There are many entrances to this park and just as many variations. Check out our trail guide to see our favorite loop.

Dry Fork

Colorado Trail Hofheins Connection

This is a great loop close to downtown Durango. The ride enters into heavily treed Ponderosa and Aspen forests. You'll get to enjoy a small section of the famous Colorado Trail spanning from Denver to Durango. Up here the terrain provides some dense aspen pockets and some cooler shady sections that makes for a great summer ride. A long gradual climb leads to plenty of small drops and rock ledges to drift over on the way down. The long climb is paired with an equally long descent that makes it well worth it.

Horse Gulch

Telegraph Trail

Most would say this is the most popular section of trails in Durango. Located just a mile from downtown Main Ave this is home to the notorious Telegraph trail. Mix rocky sections with smooth flowing downhill and you have Horse Gulch. There are plenty of different loop options in this area from intermediate to advanced. The area is usually one of the first to thaw in early springs and stays hot throughout the summer so be prepared. Some of the best rides in the Horse Gulch area climb the Telegraph from the north then drop into some of the many options in the South section. This is one area you shouldn't miss. We've broken down our map into two sections to provide more detail.

Hermosa Creek

Lower Hermosa

Probably one of the most popular shuttle rides in the area is the Hermosa Creek trail. This trail begins near Durango Mountain Resort at close to 9000ft. A large portion of this trail cruises along Hermosa Creek on rocky doubletrack, however the majority of this trail rises high above the creek on spectacular singletrack. If you only have an opportunity to ride one trail while in Durango this would be our choice. There is also an option to ride out and back from the Hermosa Creek trailhead for more advanced riders.

Alien Run

Alien Run Aztec, NM

This is a great trail for early or late season riding. The high dessert climate offers little shade so bring plenty of water. Cruise along rock bluffs with scenic views and even an alien crash site! There is an optional expert Black Hole section that is great for honing your skills. The trails here can get soft and sandy at times, so be aware as your flying along. Great views along with slick rock style riding makes this trail in Aztec a break from the Durango norm.

Treasure Mountain

near Windy Pass Trail

Just a little over an hour drive from Durango is an epic trail that's tons of fun. It begins near the rough and rugged Wolf Creek Pass. Get an early start and prepare for an all day shuttle and ride on this adventure. This ride starts with a short gradual climb to the base of Treasure Mountain via primitive 4x4 roads at around 11,500ft. You'll then descend through the forest on some of the sweetest high country singletrack in the area. This trail has it all, amazing views, seasonal flower filled meadows and stellar descents. Spend the last miles of this ride cruising along the east fork of the San Juan River. Conditions can change quickly up here so be prepared for possible weather changes. Check a local Pagosa Springs bike shop for current weather and snow conditions.

Animas City Mountain

Animas River Valley and Missoinary Ridge

Animas City Mountain is a great trail to get a birds eye view of the Animas River valley. It's a little rocky in this area but negotiable. This is a pretty popular hike so be wary of hikers. Plenty of climbing in the first half brings miles of smiles on the downhill section in the second half. For a close to town trail it's a great place to get a workout followed by some air time! The climbing section at the start of this ride may scare off most beginners.

Log Chutes

Log Chutes nearing Downhill

This trail system is an equal mix of abandoned logging roads and rocky singletrack. Some of the singletrack is dense in parts, but all and all a good ride with nice views. There are a couple loop options to check out in this area to keep things exciting. The trail twists through Ponderosa and Aspen forests on the way up and gives way to some fun rocky descents on the back half. Only a short drive from Durango this trail system is a great way to mix it up a little.

Dalla Mountain Park

Climb Dalla Mountain Park

This trail system close to downtown Durango can be a bit slow and technical. If that's your thing you'll feel right at home in Dalla Mountain Park. Some rocky sections can make for slower riding but put your skills to the test. This is a popular bouldering area for locals, so if you're into it bring your climbing shoes along. This trail connects to Animas City Mountain if you're looking for a longer ride.

Sand Canyon

Sand Canyon Mountain Biking

This is another great trail for early or late season riding. It's a hot ride midsummer so bring plenty of water. A highlight of this trail is the 700 year old Anasazi cliff dwellings on the Sand Canyon trail. The ruins have short spurs to walk for a closer look. I would call this more of a hiking trail but 95% is rideable and the views are tremendous! Enjoy some slick rock style riding near the end of this loop. This is a delicate area, please be respectful.



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